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MASIS Bolivian Cultural Center


Masis Cultural Center was founded on November 25, 1994, and devoted itself to the investigation of ANDEAN CULTURE. By compiling data and researching legends and folktales which comprise the core material for their Educational Lecture Performances, the organization presents a forum for the systematic and didactic display of the evolution and ethnic chronologies from the time before the Spanish Conquest to modern times. 'MASIS' which means Equality in the Quechua tongue, is in existence forty years, in the City Sucre-Bolivia.

The Masis Bolivian Cultural Center is the Branch of Masis Sucre-Bolivia which also promotes the Educational Lecture Performances depicting and explaining rare and unknown aspects of Andean Culture. Therefore we are expecting to celebrate their forty year anniversary in our festival.

The Taller Dance of Masis display colorful and artistic design costumes, each one with legend of its own, which adds brilliance and beauty to the performances. The major activities implemented by the Center is Dance Instructions, for the children, teenagers and adults. We also provide workshops to develop an interest in ancestral values to avoid cultural distortion that promote a wholesome pride in our native roots which maintaining our identity.